The Donnie Goth Short Story Collection Sneak Peek!


This is a treat for all Donnie Goth fans. Author Jeremy Ryder has been working on a collection of short stories that take place in the Donnie Goth universe. As an example of the great writing and awesome art in store for Donnie Goth fans in the near future, we are releasing this free short

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Donnie Goth Rocks! Literally!

We are proud to announce “Wake the Dead”, the first single from the upcoming Donnie Goth album, is now available on Spotify, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Rdio, Deezer, XBox Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, Simfy, Muve Music, Nokia, and MediaNet. It will soon be available on i-Tunes as well, until then, you can check out or buy

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Coming January 29th. Malice.


Coming January 29th, Malice, the first Donnie Goth story of 2013. Written and colored by Ricardo Porven and illustrated by Joe Oliver, Malice expands on the growing relationship between Donnie and Kyle and introduces a new character, Malice Goodell. The strip marks the beginning of an Epic storyline that will reveal long-sought answers to questions

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Donnie Goth hits the UK streets in Spider’s Web Magazine!

The latest issue of the UK based goth culture magazine, “Spiders Web” features an interview with Donnie Goth creator, Ricardo Porven and also reprints the story, “Back To Cruel” in appropriately morose black and white ink. To get your copy visit the link below.

2012. The End? [Part 3] is now live.


The latest and greatest episode of Donnie Goth is now live on the website. It marks the conclusion to the story, “2012. The End?” and like every Donnie Goth episode, it’s full of humor and some surprises too. Don’t miss it! And tell everyone you know about Donnie Goth!

14,000 Fans and a Behind-the-scenes video

This month marked the milestone of reaching our 14,000th fan on Facebook. We here at Donnie Goth couldn’t be more excited at growing our base of online fans as quickly as it has seemed to have happened. To celebrate we decided to give our fans a peek at a panel from the latest story, “2012.

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2nd Poster Design – Raise Money for NJ Sandy Victims


Ricardo Porven has finished his design for the Donnie Goth Poster drive to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. The poster is titled, “Sandy tricked us out or treats, but we won’t accept defeat!” and features Donnie and some trick-or-treating pals holding tools to help New Jersey rebuild. The poster will be

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